Kicking off the blog

About six months ago I began to think with more regularity about retirement, or more specifically if my wife and I will be able to retire when we’re 60.  There’s no magical formula or master plan behind that timeline just a desire to be able to end the commuting, the 50-60 hour work week and the need to schedule activities and vacations around work.
Coinciding with these thoughts was my discovery of the blogosphere and the untold number of people writing about similar themes with many of those people having much more ambitious plans than I do. Folks like Mr. Money Mustache and Retire By 40 put me to shame with their goals and the actions they’ve taken to accomplish them. However I’d like to have a place of my own where I can document my successes and failures, pass along things I’ve already learned and gain some insight from the tremendous knowledge base that’s out there planning and saving.
I hope you’ll follow along on my journey and I’d love to hear how others are progressing on their own path to financial freedom.
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